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Knee Pain Treatment

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Knee pain is almost as common of a complaint, in a chiropractor’s office, as the common cold. The chiropractor frequently gets a lot of patients seeking alternative relief from knee pain instead of going to an orthopaedic doctor. A chiropractor, when treating a patient for knee pain, will conduct an evaluation; testing for any spinal or pelvic involvement, in addition to knee dysfunction.

In several situations and activities, the helpless knee is prone to accidents and injuries like the following, and knee pain is an unwelcome consequence:
1. Injuries from impact
2. Heavy blows to the knee from outside causes
3. Dashboard related injuries
4. Falls that directly hit the knee

Injuries to the soft tissue, producing knee pain, are indicative of either overuse or misuse. Commonly seen in a chiropractor’s office are:
1. Athlete complaining of front knee pain.
2. Senior patients complaining of stiffness and knee pain.
3. Young player with ache over the tibial tuberosity.
4. Knee instability from a patient.

A conservative methodology to knee pain treatment is the first approach taken. A combination of non-invasive therapeutic measures will often relieve knee pain. These include: chiropractic adjustments, applying heat or cold, exercises to strengthen muscles that support the knee and refraining from activities that may worsen knee pain.

Your chiropractor is a licensed professional who will conduct a complete history-taking and examination, including orthopaedic and neurological testing and diagnostic x-ray images to identify the cause of your knee pain. Based on these, your chiropractor will design a particular management plan that is appropriate for your case.

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Muscle Pull Chiropractor Care

Friday, August 20th, 2010

When a muscle-tendon segment is injured, a muscle strain occurs; it is also called a muscle trauma. When a muscle strain is present, there is a certain extent of harm done to the muscle fibers, the muscle-tendon link, the bony insertion point or the tendon. Based on the clinical picture seen, a muscle strain in Denver can be mild, moderate or severe. The number one cause of muscle strain is excessive stretching of the affected muscle. A muscle strain is also commonly known as a muscle pull.

A classic case of muscle strain exhibits the following symptoms: stiffness, pain localized in one area, a bruised feeling It is not uncommon for people with a muscle strain to develop a knot, otherwise known as a tender point, according to Dr Rita Cummings. When applying even a little pressure on the tender point in a muscle strain and feeling pain in another area, this is then called a trigger point.

An involuntary contraction of a muscle that develops from painful nerve activation is called a muscle spasm.

What are the steps a chiropractor will take to correctly locate the cause of the problem? He will perform a detailed examination and take your history, and subject you to neurological and orthopaedic tests. Then a plan of management custom-made for you, by Tamarac Wellness Center, will be applied to your case.

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Anxiety Therapy Denver

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

According to Dr Rita Cummings, anxiety is typically associated with feelings of uneasiness and fear.

Indeed, anxiety has uses; it triggers basic survival instincts and has for centuries. Anxiety works similarly to the way a burgular system does, becoming activated when danger is perceived. Anxiety is a natural response to difficult and challenging events. But it should not control your life or overwhelm you and make you feel helpless. If this is the case, you should visit Tamarac Wellness Center. A never-ending feeling of anxiety can often have disastrous behavioural consequences like drug or alcohol abuse or overeating.

If you find your sleep interrupted by anxiety or you worry endlessly, these may be symptoms of anxiety problem or anxiety disorder. Go to your Denver chiropractor for assistance.

Anxiety disorder happens to many people. In CO, around 3% of the adult population will go through an anxiety disorder in any given 12-month period. Anxiety disorder is twice as likely to occur in women than in men. Anxiety disorder is exhibited by intense fear and apprehension over certain events. This feeling may last for 6 months or more.

Your chiropractor will do a complete history-taking and examine you thoroughly, including neurological and orthopaedic tests. Then your chiropractor will develop a management regimen modified to suit your unique case. If you want additional info, visit

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Chiropractor Treatment Allergy

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

An unusual reaction of the immune system to a certain antigen is called an allergy. The antigens that trigger the allergic reactions are known as allergens. In Denver, allergies appear through a variety of symptoms. Allergy symptoms usually appear on the skin and in the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

Sometimes, people are more prone to having allergies. They have allergies called atopic allergies since the immune system is responding irregularly. Dr Rita Cummings agrees that allergy tendency is genetic and passed from one generation to the next. It is usually detected by the appearance of large amounts of the IgE antibody. The allergic reaction occurs when an allergen enters and interacts with the body, resulting in the allergy reaction.

Upon visiting a chiropractor at Tamarac Wellness Center, you will receive orthopedic and neurological testing, as well as a discussion on your health history. Your doctor of chiropractic will develop a custom-tailored therapy plan for your case.

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