Chiropractic Treatment Vertigo Dizziness

An illusion of the body moving or your surroundings moving is called vertigo. The motion with vertigo is rotational and one way (unidirectional).

The perception of this motion comes with a minor difference, according to Dr Rita Cummings. When the patient has a feeling of the environment revolving around him, which is objective vertigo. On the other hand, when the patient feels he is turning round and round in his milieu, which is subjective vertigo.

Dizziness is distinct from vertigo in some aspect. Patients in CO are more inclined to describe dizziness as any feelings of loss of balance, light-headed or nausea without motion perception.

The following procedures will be applied to you by your Denver Chiropractor: history-taking, comprehensive examination and neurological and orthopaedic tests. These will help him discover the cause of your vertigo and dizziness. Then they will develop a specific plan of management tailored to your case.

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