Denver Shin Splints Therapy

With shin splints, the patient complains of pain in the front or back of the lower leg that is insidious in onset upon visiting Tamarac Wellness Center. It is not easy to specifically define shin splints. Diseases that are known to cause shin splints are tendonitis, periostitis, muscle strain and interosseous membrane strain.

The two known types of shin splints in Denver are: 1. Anterior shin splints – happen when the muscles in the front of the leg which act to absorb shock become weak and overstressed due to continually running or walking on hard grounds. Another cause is wearing shoes that do not have shock absorbers. The force is sent to the shin bone and a shin splint is produced. 2. Posterior shin splints – named as such when the back leg muscles are involved. As ankle stabilizers, these muscles become strained when the patient pronates too much.

The middle to lower third of the shin bone is where pain is felt in shin splints. An important differential for shin splints is a stress fracture, says Dr Rita Cummings. But shin splints are usually not seen in x-rays, as they come out as normal.

Your knowledgeable chiropractor, of CO, will conduct a complete history and examination that includes orthopaedic, neurological testing and radiographic studies to know the level of severity of your shin splints. Then they will design a plan of management suitable for your case.

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