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Infantile Colic

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

CO infantile colic can be described as a condition in thriving infants and results in crying bouts; the baby usually cries for three hours a day, at least three days a week, and occurs over a three-week period. The specific cause of infantile colic has not been found, but some attribute food allergies, excessive gas, and abnormal peristalsis as contributing factors.

Infantile colic usually begins when the baby is one to two weeks old and reaches a peak at about six weeks. The condition often stops once the infant reaches 2-3 months of age. Actually, 20-30% of newborns have infantile colic in Denver. It is normal for the baby to start showing signs of infantile colic at the end of the day and at around the age when sleep deprivation has really hit the parents. Often, the parents of colic babies become very depressed and highly frustrated.

The first visit to the doctor of chiropractic, Dr Rita Cummings, will include a detailed health history and initial examination; this will determine the extent of the infantile colic. Afterwards, the chiropractic will create a custom treatment regimen for your baby.

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